PAIA Manual


PAIA gives effect to the constitutional right of access to any information held by either a private or public body, subject to certain limitations, that is required for the exercise or protection of rights.

POPI affords Data Subjects (“DS”) the right to access, in accordance with the provisions of PAIA, to their Personal Information (“PI”) from any Responsible Party (“RP”).

The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (the “Act”) gives third parties the right to approach private bodies and the government to request information held by them, which is required in the exercise and/or protection of any rights. On request, the private body or government is obliged to release such information unless the Act expressly states that the records containing such information may or must not be released. This manual informs requestors of procedural and other requirements which a request must meet as prescribed by the Act.

INP is categorised as a private body and thus undertakes to provide and outline the above in its manual, including any additional information that is deemed appropriate to be a transparent and responsible corporate citizen. It is INP’s policy to conduct its business in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. This manual therefore regulates access to information and the records owned, and otherwise held or under the control of
INP, and the release of any such information or records of any of INP directors, officers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, associates, or anyone acting on its behalf.


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